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We recognise that security needs are vast and can sometimes be very unique to your industry and circumstances. Please know that whatever your need is you are in good hands and if we really can’t accommodate for your security request, we are happy to redirect you to someone who can!

Personal Asset Protection

Security Research

Cyber Espionage Solutions

Are you worried about your personal assets or yourself as a target for cyber crime? Maybe you are regularly in the spotlight of the general public and you need assurance that your identity and digital assets are well secured from online threats. Endure Secure can help monitor your digital footprint, secure your personally-owned digital assets, and other security needs may have to sleep easy!

Security research is an area really needs its own focus. The truth is even if you have had a penetration test, no security consultancy will go far beyond looking for common vulnerabilities in your application. Perhaps you have had your application tested for threats already, but want a more targeted approach. Security research is service offering recommended for clients with a strong security posture who want to find those niche bugs in their code.

Cyber espionage takes many forms, and there are many unique threats that you may need assurance that you are well protected against. This could include doing business in high-risk regions of the globe, or you work in a highly-competitive industry where companies have weaponised technology to hinder your business. Endure Secure can help address your unique concerns and arrive at a solution.