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Network Defence

Endure Secure has expertise in the development, maintenance, ongoing procurement, and maturing of network defence controls.

Threat Hunting

Security Monitoring and Detection

SIEM Uplift

SOC Maturity Assessment

Anytime suspicious activity has been identified, and even rectified. It is essential to perform a threat hunt to ensure a threat is not still hiding out in your organisation’s infrastructure. Endure Secure has seasoned threat hunters who can help you rest assured that there are no lingering threats in your organisation.

Ongoing 24/7 security monitoring for any organisation’s needs. Endure Secure accommodates for organisations who are:

  • Completely on-premise
  • Cloud-based
  • Hybrid

Endure Secure has seasoned threat detection engineering and SIEM experts who can help your organisation uplift it’s SIEM integration, in the following ways:

  • Device coverage review
  • Development and procurement of threat detection algorithms
  • Attack simulations to identify gaps in the above areas.

Endure Secure’s SOC Maturity assessment, which is similar to SIEM uplift, but without Endure Secure performing the uplift work. There are two kinds of SOC Maturity Assessments offered by Endure Secure:

  1. Passive SOC Maturity Assessment
    • Static review of device coverage and detection algorithms.
  2. Active SOC Maturity Assessment
    • Perform breach and attack simulations to identify gaps in detection coverage.