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Security Education and Training

Endure Secure has industry-leading educators to suit any education-related need your organisation needs. Covering everything from assisting all employees to be secure online, to aiding technical resources be secure in implementing technical controls in your organisation.

Security Awareness Training

Employee Awareness Training

Senior Management Training

Endure Secure can provide routine employee awareness training to decrease the risk associated with internal staff.

Endure Secure can work alongside executive management to help them better understand, and prioritise security for their organisation.

Security Technical Skills Training

Bootcamp Education

One-on-One Training

The founders of Endure Secure, both have substantial experience in running tertiary-level, bootcamp-style courses to train individuals who need to understand cyber security as part of their current job, or who are looking to break into the industry.

This is available for corporate employees and individuals alike, subject to availability.

Security thrives in organisations where the responsibility is not put only on security personnel. While it is not essential for everyone to be a security expert, all employees need a level of awareness training to remain secure; however, IT staff, outside of security, can present a unique risk to your organisation.

The core purpose of system administration and programmers is to simplify processes and make life for the end user simple. Whereas the core purpose of cyber security professionals is to ensure systems are secure, and do not put the organisation at risk.

One-on-one training is mostly targeted at technical resources, to help ensure they do not compromise on security in order to save time or enhance design and functionality of applications and systems. Some of the roles this training targets include:

  • Software Developers
  • System Administrators
  • Network Engineers